Restaurant Reviews

When you have a great meal or just a good time — or a really bad time — email me and I’ll post your review. If it runs too long, I’ll edit. Otherwise, fire away. Put the name of the restaurant in the subject line and send email to

Here’s my Ratings Guide:

***** This is a great place.
**** Definitely going back.
*** Worth the money.
** This joint needs …
* Never again. Ever.

Appalachian Brewery * neither the food nor the service make this place worthy of another visit (cg sept 06)

Bayou **** good Cajun/Creole food, easy atmosphere, great service (psc/sept 06)

Bricco **** had a great meal here, decent service, and nice atmosphere — all reasons for going back (cg sept 06) …
**** best wine policy in Harrisburg, beautiful salads, slow kitchen (psc/sept 06)

Cafe Fresco **** great (lunch) experience — both with our food (delicious wraps) and service — all in a fun, unique setting (cg sept 06)

Ceoltas ** similar to Coakley’s but better atmosphere — preference for Irish grub would be Molly Brannigan’s (cg sept 06) …
*** had a great party for eight, good service (psc/aug 06)

Coakley’s * think this place is over-rated…our meals were never extraordinary nor was the service — it’s unfortunate since the restaurant itself is somewhat cute (cg sept 06)

Culhane’s Steak House **** An overlooked gem off the Fishing Creek exit of I-83 in northern York County. Culhane’s serves some of the best steaks around at reasonable prices. Wine prices are reasonable as well, although the selection is so-so. Their house salad dressing–a sort of French & Thousand Island combination–is superb and almost worth a trip in itself. (ddk sept 06)

Fisaga ** not a bad atmosphere especially in the summer months, but the food is average (cg sept 06) … ** usually good service, needs better food (psc/sept 06)

Sapporo East *** Take some friends and a good bottle of wine and head to Sapporo East for a casual dining experience that won’t be your last. The sushi is excellent, the service is fast and courteous and the prices will keep you coming back. Try the Tuna Tataki and the Angel Hair roll. On weekends there may be a short wait, but it’s worth it! (gosox sept 06)

Skewers **** cilantro city; bistro feel; terrific lentil soup, wraps have a gyro quality without the cucumber sauce (psc/sept 06)

Stocks on Second *** diverse menu of consistently good food; good service (cg sept 06)
… **** We try to go to a different restaurant every week but keep coming back to this one. The soups are made fresh with healthy ingredients. The salads are also made with the freshest and healthy ingredients. The atmosphere and surroundings are very modern and urban yet comfortable. The service is fast, the wait staff is friendly and accommodating. It is consistently a lovely, healthy, comfortable, reasonably priced place for lunch. Would I go back, you bet! (rs sept 06)


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